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Cooking School - Sticky Rice, Adelaide (Stirling) SA

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Sticky Rice has been one of South Australia's finest cooking schools for more than a decade so if your considering where to go and are within range of the Adelaide Hills this would be my choice.


Sticky Rice is located in Stirling just up the hill from Adelaide. Like anything in Adelaide the drive is about 20 minutes (from the CBD).


Sticky Rice has a wide range of cooking class options.  For those who love European or North African you'll find Spanish paella or Moroccan cuisine. For those of you looking for options originated closer to home you can try Yum Cha, Thai or Vietnamese cooking. This is constantly changing and often booked out so click the link above and you'll be able to choose something that matches your preferences.


Sticky Rice has numerous chefs which again change from time to time so if your interested in seeing the upcoming chefs who can help you craft some new delicious recipes take a look here.

At Koi Knives we recently begun supplying knives for this beautiful kitchen so if you are looking to trial the Koi knives this is one place you can do it in Adelaide.

Enjoy your next cooking class at Sticky Rice cooking school!

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