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Sharpening Services Adelaide

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Just like knife making it took us a few years to be happy enough with our service to make knife sharpening in Adelaide something we offer.

Where are you?

We are proud that we have now begun knife sharpening in our shed - 15 Burwood Avenue, Woodville North. We welcome you to come by and drop off your knives for sharpening and we will advise you how long it will take depending on the cue.

Knife Sharpening Pricing?

Sharpening varies between $10-$25 depending on the work to be done.

Unlike many sharpening services we perform whetstone sharpening by hand.

We do this to persevere your knife (remove less steel) and therefore make you're knives last a lot longer. It does take us longer so it typically costs more (when compared to sharpeners using electric sharpeners).

Neither approach is correct (for low cost knives sometimes you're better off using an electric service however you'll need to replace the more often).

In terms of pricing we will let you know before we begin so you can decide.

Any more questions?

Any questions re sharpening please feel free to give us a call - 0488 050 055 :)


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