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Knife Sharpening Adelaide

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Knife Sharpening for our Adelaide Customers has finally begun.

Much like our knife making it took us a few years to determine whether knife sharpening here in Adelaide was the right thing for us to do. If we could not get to the level we expected we would not open the doors.

Fortuitously we ran into Joao, who originated from Brazil but now lives here in Adelaide. Joao shares our knife passion and in particular likes to focus on how to keep the knives at the level they are on day 1. If you buy a Porsche you need to give it a service from time to time, a knife is no difference.

Anyway, it's exciting times for us as we have evolved from a place where you can buy stunning knives to a replace that you can come buy and tune-up your knives (sharpen your knives) to keep them at the level they begun.

Knife Sharpening Sharpening

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  • Hi,

    I have a set of knives I’m wondering about getting re edged and sharpened. I have 2 × 8″ Chefs, 1 × 8″ Carving, 1 × 6″ Carving and 1 × 4″ Paring. They are a pretty basic brand nothing special, most are Brazilia.

    Wondering if you are able to give me a rough price for a full re edge and sharpen with the detail i’ve provided.


    Simon Generowicz on

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