The Deba Knife Collection | South Australia, Australia

The Deba knife is related to the fishing industry, used by fisherman for just about everything or cooks who mainly use the Deba knife for Chopping or filleting fish.

The Deba has a think spine meaning it comes down with extreme force however unlike a meat chopper or cleaver the Deba knife also has a sharp point at the tip. The Deba Knife has a relatively short blade so it is not the slicer (look at the Sujihiki knives for that). The Deba is used for chopping and filleting predominantly.

Just for interest the Deba knife begun as a tobacco chopper in Japan as Portugese were exporting the tobacco before evolving to the all purpose or fish focused knife over time.

The Deba knife is a single beveled knife meaning the blade is sharpened on one side and the internal side is concave - the result of this is the the blade barely touches what it is cutting. When known how to use this is a wonderful knife (be weary, it's tricky to learn).

* Please note that our current stock is only contains right handed Deba Knives.