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The Sujihiki Knife - Koi Knives

The Sujihiki Knife

The Sushikiri knife is a long sharp blade specifically built for slicing. The sharpness and length of the blade on a sushikiri (similar to Yanagabi) allows it's holder to slice through a large piece of fish or steak in a single motion.

As said by a famous Japanese lady "The final stroke of a dish should be the same as the movement of a bow over a violin in an orchestra - one smooth movement." This prevents damage and ensures smooth clean finish on the fish (or whatever else you are cutting).

The sushikiri is a double sided knife which is easier and more versatile than a Yanagiba (single beveled) so unless you are Yanagiba obsessed it it most likely the knife for you to finalize your dish as beautiful as when you begun. 

Here we do an air-slice of a tomato...