K-Tip Knife Choppers Collection (3 Knives)

Our K-Tip collection is based on the classic Kiritsuke blade shape with flatter blade edge and pointed tip. Traditionally used by executive chefs in Japanese cuisine, these knives were designed to suit multiple tasks. We wanted to make a knife collection that was lighter and could suit multiple tasks per blade, so we decided to lend the classic K-Tip shape to 6 different knives.

Here we have our Chopper collection with Kiritsuke, Cleaver and Utility. Designed to compliment an established knife set, these knives will offer new possibilities in the kitchen. Each knife has a blacksmith hammered finish resulting in a stunning look and functional, non-stick upper blade.

Our handles are made from Australian wood burls sourced around Adelaide, South Australia. The wood is then set in high quality resin to give each blade a unique and captivating shine.


PLEASE NOTE - For better or worse every handle is different. The images of handles change from knife to knife - the burl of wood is like the daily weather - hard to predict. 


K-Tip Chopper -  Blade Length: 180mm (7") | Over All Length:  327mm (13") | Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118") | Weight: 160g (5.64oz)  | HRC 58-60

K-Tip Utility -  Blade Length: 140mm (5.5") | Over All Length:  286mm (11.25") | Blade Thickness: 2.6mm (0.102") | Weight:  120g (4.23oz) | HRC 58-60

K-Tip Kiritsuke - Blade Length: 230mm (9.05") | Over All Length:  380mm (14.96") | Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118") | Weight: 180g (6.34oz)  | HRC 58-60

High carbon Japanese AUS-10 3 Layer Black Hammered Steel.

A stunning Japanese knife collection with Australian wooden handles which will give your nightly dinners a lift :)These blades are sharper and lighter which aids those looking for a more intricate set of tools.

Rather than Damascus we have opted for a blacksmith finish with a hammered blade - a tad more rustic and highly functional. This yields a lighter blade and stunning finish.

If you want a random collection of different colours just let us know in the notes and we will contact you to confirm.

Enjoy your Australian handle + Japanese blades. The Japanese knife collection at K-Tip Koi Knives.

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