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Nakiri Knife - Koi Green Handle - "Vegetable Cutter/Chopper" - Koi Knives

Nakiri Knife - Koi Green Handle - "Vegetable Cutter/Chopper"

"Na" meaning "Vegetable" and Kiri meaning "to cut" the Nakiri is the knife used for chopping vegetables. The Nakiri knife has a flat blade edge and may appear to look like meat cleaver however when you peer down at the spine of the balde you will notice it is a very slim blade built to chop through vegetables with speed and precision.

This Nakiri has been crafted by Koi Knives who specialize in adding the fusion of local wood with resin to match the blade. For the knife, the Nakiri knife, the green resin is poured in honor of the vegetables to be cut.

Here we slice tomatoes...

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