Mini Chopper

Mini Chopper

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Charming chopper for your charcuterie. Inspired by the iconic Aussie, small, sleepy tree bludger, this is the smallest knife in the Big Red Knives collection. The Koala Knife will make a delightful addition to your set, perfect for your cheese, meat or fruit platter. Small but not too small with a blade length of over 10cm (4 inches), the Mini Chopper has a size that makes it easily portable, suitable for any outdoor occasion such as picnics, barbecues or entertaining the backyard.


The Big Red Knives’ Mini Chopper is made out of the same high-carbon Japanese VG-10 hard steel as the rest of the collection, though smaller than the other knives in the set it is just as sharp. The versatility of the knife comes from its size. With a blade length of over 10cm, it is able to chop may things a full size Chef’s knife can yet small enough to wield with ease and convenient to take on a picnic. Its rounded blade profile is reminiscent of the stubbed nose of a our much loved native koalas, making the knife a joy to display along with charcuterie boards or cheese platters when entertaining guests. Despite the cute animal this knife was inspired by the razor-sharpness of its blade can slice a tomato with surgical precision. Chop lemons and herbs with ease, core strawberries or slice an avocado, the Koala Knife is perfect for smaller on-board chopping or in-hand in cutting.

The Koala:

These charming iconic tree climbers with thick furry ears are completely unique in the animal world! They’re often thought of as bears, this is a misconception as their only close relative is the wombat, who would be a cousin many, many times removed! A rello they would not see at Christmas! The koala are the only living members of their family, phascolarctidae, they’re unlike anything else on this planet and is a great example of the unique fauna in our ancient Aussie. They are known as arboreal herbivores and eat mostly eucalyptus leaves. As eucalyptus are very low in calories the koala conserves energy by sleeping around 20 hours a day, what a bludger! Mothers have one young at a time and the joey is reared in the pouch up to 6 months where it would then cling onto its mother’s back for another 6 months. The mother’s pouch opening is tightened by a sphincter that keeps the young from falling out like a baby coin purse. They have two opposable “thumbs” on their fore paws which allows them to grasp onto branches.

Inspired by the much loved koala that lives in our very own backyard (literally for Ramon and his family), this knife was crafted with love. The Koala may need two thumbs on each paw to grasp onto trees but you won’t need to with these ergonomic handles designed to give you a good grip. Despite its overall size Koalas still have formidable and very sharp claws, much like this knife’s sharp blade made with premium high-carbon Japanese hard steel. Its curved blade profile mimics the characteristic spoon-nose of the tree dwelling marsupial, making it efficient at chopping and the rocking cutting technique. Small like the koala this knife is pleasing to look at and will make a suitable addition when serving cheese platters, charcuterie boards or making fruity cocktails while entertaining guests.

KOALA FACT: Eucalyptus leaves are highly toxic but that’s no drama for the koala! Koalas are unique creatures that have evolved to eat this ample but highly toxic food source by producing a particular enzyme which breaks down the toxins in their liver. If only humans can do that with alcohol!


Collection: Big Red Knives

Manufacturer: Koi Knives 

Made in Australia with Japanese steel

Blade steel: VG-10 Japanese hard steel core with Stainless Steel cladding

Blade length: 102mm

Handle wood: All local but varies from wood of olive trees, Shiraz grapevines from McLaren Vale (wine region of South Australia) to specially sourced wood Australian deserts. 

Handle length: 130mm

Paring knife


After each use: 

Simply wipe down in warm soapy water, dry and place on a knife rack away from humidity. Job done!

Long term maintenance:

Big Red Knives are made with a VG-10 Japanese steel core and therefore has a higher carbon content than the average Western kitchen knives. This lends the knives their particular long lasting sharpness, however they also like to be kept dry when not in use and should not be exposed extensively to heat, hot water or ambient high humidity. They should most definitely never be put into the dishwasher or other such nonsense. Each knife was made with love, so please take care of them for us!


Knives made with a VG-10 Japanese steel core are harder at the edge, this means less honing is needed but should instead be professionally sharpened and ideally with a whetstone. Depending on frequency of use, the knife may need to be sharpened by a professional every 3-6 months for most people. We have an extensive list of sharpeners we can recommend in every state if you’d like to contact us.


Similarly, the handle was crafted with resin and coated with a polish that also should not be soaked in hot water. Extended exposure to hot water may damage the polish on the handle that is the protective shield for the wood and resin. Over the years, if the handle starts to look a bit dull a small amount of furniture polish may be used to buff back the shine.

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