The Barra is Back...

For those who love fishing ...

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Cooking Schools with Koi Knives


Knives for your Kitchen

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The Koi Knife Gallery | Based in SA

The Pocket Knife Aviary...

Knives & Tools for each location

BBQ Knives & Tools

Outdoor cooking & eating is an Australian ritual.

After years of tinkering we have built a collection of tools to improve the experience when cooking outdoors.

You can find them here or at local Butchers like "Goodwood Meats" or "Cimarosti."

Gifts for those who need Nothing

Many of the modern people don't need anything...

But it's their birthday, wedding or any special person deserves something.

The giver gets as much happiness as the recipient... and the gift and joy lasts forever :)

Gift Store
Kitchen Knives

For those looking to upgrade the kitchen or provide a gift to someone who loves cooking - you can see what we have available here.

Unlike a bottle of wine this gift (even if it's for yourself) will last forever!

All Designs are created by S Dolman using Japanese steel (VG10).

Dining Table Knives & Gadgets

The dining table is an important part where friends & family come together.

To bring the dining room experience to the next level we have started creating tools & gadgets to bring joy to the occasion.

Dining Table
Outdoor | Camping

Australia is the largest Island & the smallest continent in the world...

The perfect place to go outdoors.

To improve the outdoor experience we are in the process of building a collection of pocket knives based on Oz birds, fixed knives & gadgets to help you make the most out of every trip!

Knife Sharpening Class | Saturday August 26 - 12:30pm- 1:30pm | $125 - Koi Knives
Sharpenning Classes | Koi Shed

Just like a car your knife needs to be serviced from time to time.

It's a "Zen" like experience.

If you want to learn the art we have classes and whetstones to start your learning Process.

Sharpening Classes

The Carving Kit

Autumn emerges - and so does steak and wine... so we made a carving kit to suit the season.

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