Koi Knives - Aussies playing with Japanese Steel

Local Knife Shed | Woodville, SA

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15 Burwood Ave

Woodville North SA 5012

Mon - Thurs 8:30am - 3:30pm

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Koi Knives - A Fusion of Japanese blades & Australian Wood handles

Koi Knives (located in South Australia) crafts blades in the style of Japanese chef knives - using Japanese Damascus steel and Australian Wood Handles.

The lighter weight and slicing blade angles of the finest Japanese chef knives is united with Australian wooden handles like Shiraz and Almond crops of Mclaren Vale - an incredible region for food producers and consumers.

We are currently tinkering with classic knives such as Deba Knives, Sujihiki Knives and Nakiri Knives whilst also making some of more modern, common knives such the Gyuto Knives (chefs knife), Bunka Knives and even western classics like Petty Knives.

We hope this fusion results in some of the best Japanese knives you can find anywhere in Australia.

Our Home - The Knife Shed

Our home is the shed where the work is done.

We work in Woodville North (about 11km North West of Adelaide). It is here we design and craft our batches of knives like Gyuto, Bunka, Nakiri and Kiritsuke blades.

South Australia is also a proud location with an economy relying largely on local food and farming - hence the need for knives to best deal with seasonal harvest.

The shed itself was acquired by Shannon's father who acquired this shed with a partner 4 decades ago. This area is a central location in Adelaide where many of those working with steel reside.

Our wood is predominantly garnered on the other side of the city, in the area surrounding Mclaren Vale, 40km south of Adelaide. It is here we collect shiraz roots at the end of their time, almond burls and poplar wood. We are helping plants that are coming to the end to be re-incarnated into wooden knife handles.