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The Perfect Gift for "Someone who needs nothing"...

Koi is a creator & curated of knives - where art means engineering.

Whether it's a birthday, wedding or special event - these life long tools make the perfect gift (even for yourself).

Whether it's Damascus 67, Spring Hammered, BBQ, Kitchen, or Pocket Knives we are making knives for those who love using them or collecting them...

The Ultimate Slicer | The Sujihiki

Bring Your Kitchen to the Next Level

1 of 40 knives currently in our shop | "The Sujihiki"

Batch 1 | Currently Available!

Japanese Damascus 67 | Australian wood handle

The "Damascus 67" collection is a re-incarnation of the first knives we ever made. These knives are made with 67 layer Japanese steel and finished with Australian wooden handles (wood from Mclaren Vale, SA).

These knives remain the most popular knives we've ever made.

* Note - limited handle colour options

Japanese Damascus Knives


The Gyuto Knife | Chefs Knife

The "All Purpose Chefs Knife" ... most popular knife we've ever made!

Avialable - Limited Colour Handle OPtions

"BBQ" Knives

The team at Koi host monthly BBQ's at the back of our shed and whilst doing this we design and tinker with the tools needed at a BBQ.

The more we eat the more our collection grows :)

BBQ Collection


The Barramundi | Fillet Knife

Adding luxury to fish preparation

Currently in Stock | Linited Handle Colours

Australian "Kitchen" Knives & Sets

Our love of knives begun by seeing what is done in Japan but after many years of producing Japanese style knives we decided to make something representing ourselves - Australian style knives.

Our Australian Knives still utilize Japanese steel (AUS10) and are held with Australian wood/resin handles.

Australian Knife Sets


The Dingo Knife | All Purpose Oz Knife

The All Purpose Oz knife that has become the most popular local blade.

Batch 2 | Currently in Stock

Spring Hammer | 67 Layer Hammered Damascus

The second collection we made is the "Spring Hammer" Collection. This collection was created in Shannon's fathers' Spring Factory in Woodville (Shannon's father is one of the last qualified blacksmiths in SA).

The Spring Hammer imposes small ripples on the knife steel which traps oxygen between the blade and what it is cutting - allowing the element being sliced without sticking.

* Note - limited handle colour options

The Spring Hammer Collection

Knife Sharpening Classes

Learn to work with whetstones in our guided knife sharpening classes. Take your knives from dull to razor sharp with our resident sharpening master, Joao.

When you finish the class you'll leave with an extra sharp knife & a kit to keep it that way.

Book A Class

The SEKI "Stone" Collection

Our most popular knives, reimagined. We have adapted our Japanese Damascus knives with Indestructible G10 handles and Western-style grips.


Pocket Knives | Outdoor Knives

Shannon loves camping and you can't go camping without a pocket knife.

You also need a pocket knife if you shop online - opening a box becomes a joy (not a pain).

Whether its for a gift, a journey in Australia's outback or even opening the daily mail - everyone gets joy from a high end pocket knife.

Pocket Knives

Koi Industrial Collection


Professional kitchens are tough places. They are even tougher on your tools. We have paired G10 handles with VG10 steel to create a new collection to stand up to the task.


Why invest in a knife or two?

“Your knife does more work, and lasts longer, than your washing machine.” - Leo LeFranc

By Joao Sundfeld & Koi Team

Sharpening Tools

Japanese steel like whetstones and leather strops. Keep your edges keen with the right tools.

Our head sharperner, Joao, has created and curated our collection of sharpening tools to get the best performance out of your knives.


Dinner Table knives & tools

The dinner table is one of the most important locations in life.

So we started making knives and tools to take the dining experience to the next level.

See what we are up to here...

What's going on?

Building your Collection?

At Koi we have a lot more flexibility when putting together collections. You can start with 1 or 12. We've added some collections we like however if you want something different just come to the shop or give us a buzz :)

The Knife set Gallery

How paintings do you have in your home? Knives are no different.

Bring more art to your kitchen. Make your set.

Visit the Knife Set Gallery

By Koi Team

Gifts | If you're worthy

When we started, we were planning on making knives for high-end chefs. We have come to understand that we make more knives for gifts than anything else.

So we have started putting together some collections for those looking for gifts for a recipients that is worthy.

Gift Options

By Koi Team & Karmine

Knife Racks, Rolls, Etc.

Whether it's racks needed for the kitchens or rolls for those on the move, we are constantly creating new tools to suit their purpose.

Our Kangaroo leather comes from Karmine, a sustainable Kangaroo abattoir and leathermaker north of Adelaide.

Knife Storage


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