Kitchen Knife Collection

Looking to upgrade the kitchen?
Or provide a gift to someone who loves cooking?

Unlike a bottle of wine, this gift (even if it's for yourself), will last forever!

All designs are created by S Dolman using Japanese steel (VG10).

Hammered Gyuto - Koi Knives
Hammered Utlity - Koi Knives
Hammered Veg Chopper - Koi Knives
3 Piece Hammered Starter Kit - Koi Knives
Save $110
Hammered Bunka - Koi Knives
The Kyoto Complete Collection - Koi Knives
Save $255
Complete Osaka 6 Set - Koi Knives
Save $365
3 Piece - Veg Shopper, Slicer & Utility - Koi Knives
Save $160
Hammered "Jamon" Slicer - Koi Knives
Hammered Paring - Koi Knives