If you wish to sit behind a computer all day this is not for you.

As a small company our roles are fairly general (a bit of everything) but as our knife sales are growing we are looking to grow our team.

First and foremost we want to work with people who love food and love knives. Beyond that the tasks most likely to be carried out include:

 - Wrapping & Sending knives (we sell a lot of gifts)

 - Social Media (photos or videos sending them where they belong)

 - Rolling the sleeves up (polishing knives, sharpening knives, cleaning up and improving the shed, every day is different...)

If what's above brings out your passion - please send us a note. We know everyone is different so tell us what you are good at and what you hate doing (if you don't tell us both your cutting it short).


Koi Knife Team

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