Top 5 Pocket Knives in Adelaide

Top 5 Pocket Knives in Adelaide

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As a resident in the suburban area of Adelaide I see with birds of Adelaide daily - they are what started this collection of pocket knives (EDC Aviary Pocket Knives). Whilst my daily preference changes dependent on which bird is nicest to me - these are the Top 5.

5. The Galah

The Galah is a common bird throughout Adelaide bringing large quantities of pink to the power lines of Oz. The unique colour of the feathers (mainly pink) is what motivated the team at Koi to make this bird into one of the first pocket knives we've ever made.

In terms of size, the pocket knife is a mid size (just like the bird itself) and is a utility style blade that can be used for a variety of task (cutting string, opening boxes preparing strawberry jam on toast etc).

4. The Kookaburra


The kookaburra is known for it's laughing and whilst commonly known it is not as commonly seen as the other birds in this top 5 pocket knives in Adelaide. The kookaburra is slightly larger than the galah and has inconsistent yet beautiful colours in it's feathers which represent the handle colours, clip and screws of this kookaburra pocket knife.

3. The Magpie


A stunning and beautiful bird the magpie is well known for it's delightful tones and morning songs. In Adelaide it also represents various sporting team which may be one of the reasons it is a popular bird in Adelaide. You can see more information about the bird and the pocket knife here - The Magpie Pocket Knife

2. The Red Tailed Black Cockatoo


Not as common as the other 4 birds in this collection the red tailed black cockatoo is known for it's beauty and loved for it's rarity. The pocket knife made which represents the bird is made with a fusion of dark ebony wood, G10 & red resin on the handle teamed up with Swedish steel 14c18n. You can see more about this bird here at the "Pocket Knife Aviary".

1. The Crow


Last but not least the Crow. A shiny bird slightly larger than the magpie but just as beautiful. Crows can be seen throughout Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs and is a powerful, athletic bird. You can see the pocket knife crow here to compare with the other birds available at the Koi Knife EDC Aviary.

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  • I popped into your store and was blown away by your aviary of pocket knives! I love the fusion of bird colours and style with the raw functionality of the knife itself. We played! :)

    Ray on

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