Perth BBQ School

Perth BBQ School

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About the School

Established by Gus Gallagher (better known as Gusface Grillah), BBQ master, competition griller and infamous blog writer. Demystifying the secrets of BBQing, he takes you through the techniques and tips to take your grilling to a whole other level. There are a range of classes available depending on your preference of smoked meats, seafood or burgers.


195 Guildford Rd, Maylands WA 6051 | Official Website

About the Owner 

'Gusface Grillah' is the owner, founder and principal of Perth BBQ School, taking the hard won wisdom of 1000's of BBQ's and distilling it into fun and interactive classes that get you excited about your Weber again (we all know your Weber has been gathering dust since last Christmas).

School Specialties 

Specialising in Low'n'Slow American BBQing, this is all about tending to the fire over many hours, nice and slow, and maximising on flavour with dry rubs and marinades. There are classes on burgers, brisket, ribs, seafood and more. 

 Perth BBQ School


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