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Sticky Rice Cooking School - SA

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About the School

Established in 2010, Sticky Rice Cooking School is one of the biggest cooking schools in South Australia to date, enabling aspiring chefs to whip up restaurant-level dishes with the guidance of industry veterans. The school is nestled in the quiet suburbs of Stirling, Adelaide Hills - a multicultural town with strong European and Mediterranean influences. 


With its tagline “Cooking Journeys for Food Lovers”, the school aims to hone cooking enthusiasts with an understanding of their food and an appreciation of the culture that comes with it. All its classes provide a hands-on, end-to-end cooking experience, ending with a communal dining session complete with a tasting selection of wines - Adelaide is wine country, after all.

Cooking, relaxation, and getting away from it all - these make up Sticky Rice’s recipe for success.


About the Owner 

Owner and founder Claire Fuller is a cook with a vision. More than just providing textbook lessons in a soulless room, she wanted cooking to be a holistic, immersive experience. Having been a cook in training herself, Claire created Sticky Rice to fulfill all the things she wished for most in a cooking school - providing a first-class journey of cooking, culture, and gaining a few tricks and tidbits of knowledge along the way. 


Claire’s attention to detail is beyond the norm. She believes that food comes with its own quirks and stories, and that knowledge of these breeds the respect it deserves. Preparing food with meaning is what inspires her to keep creating, a zest she hopes to impart to others as well.


What sets Claire apart from other owners is how her approach to immersive cooking experience goes beyond what’s on the pan. With her eye for design, she also invests heavily in the newest kitchen equipment and cutlery, complemented by the school’s warm and tasteful interiors. Through Sticky Rice, she creates an encouraging environment for people to get excited about cooking and make new friends.  


School Specialties 

Sticky Rice features professional chefs with at least 20 years of cooking experience as mentors. These chefs come from all corners of the globe and bring something new to the table, resulting in a varied portfolio which includes lesser-known cuisines such as Sri Lankan, Moroccan, and Lebanese. 


Ultimately, the school specialises on Asian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Limited slots are available during lunch and dinner times, and are open for students of all levels of cooking expertise.


Sticky Rice also offers an ideal getaway option that remains close to home. Similar to yoga retreats, the school features cooking staycation packages which comprise of 2-4 day cooking classes with overnight stays at its Balinese villas. Whether it be with a significant other, a bestie, or even as a team, these villa packages assure a quality, personalized, and private cooking experience like no other. 


For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.


Sticky Rice Cooking School is one of the cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

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