8 Best Knives to Give your Chef Friend

8 Best Knives to Give your Chef Friend

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One thing that’s always difficult is finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. This is especially true if the person is a chef. However, giving them a gift they’ll love and will use most of the time isn’t necessarily difficult since you can give them a knife. It’s essential to their profession and will help them a great deal when they’re making heavenly meals.

Besides choosing the right knife as a gift, you also have to consider which handle will suit your friend best: wooden or resin handle? To help you get started, here are the eight best knives that you can give to your friend on any occasion:

Sujihiki Knife: The essential carver

Have you noticed your friend handling large ingredients and finding it difficult to slice and cut through them? If that’s so, then you can buy them the Sujihiki Knife since it’s the perfect knife to carve through meat, fish, and more! Its blade length is 10.23 inches and weighs only 215g, making it the perfect knife for carving and finely slicing through meat or fish.

At Koi Knife, you can choose the right resin handle to suit your friend. The available colours are always changing, but some of the current options are: turquoise, white, green, and red so make sure to choose wisely!

See our Sujihiki Knife here.

Sujihiki KnifeJoey Knife: The miniature perfection

One thing that’s always necessary in any kitchen is a petty knife. While there are a lot of different blade designs for it, Big Red Knives’ Joey Knife is the ideal petty knife gift for your friend! Its blade length spans 6 inches but don’t underestimate what it can do since this is the perfect knife for everything! Due to how easy it is to hold and is made with high carbon Japanese steel with sandblast "Nashiji" finish, using it anytime and anywhere for all kinds of ingredients is possible.

See our Joey Knife here.

Joey KnifeNakiri Knife: The vegetable cutter

Using just any knife to cut through leafy vegetables isn’t ideal. Thankfully, the Nakiri Knife exists and is the perfect tool to cut and dice through all vegetable ingredients! Its long flat blade and spine makes it easy to chop through anything within seconds, allowing your chef friend to quickly create delicious meals.

Moreover, since it’s made of high carbon Japanese steel, even if the knife has lost some of its sharpness over the years, it can still easily cut through ingredients. You can also choose from nine different coloured resin handles, depending on which one would suit your friend best.

See our Nakiri Knife here.

Nakiri KnifeCroc Knife: The jagged beast

Easily cut through ingredients with hard exteriors by getting a knife with jagged blades like the Croc Knife. Knives with serrated blades are used to slice through bread, earning it the moniker of “bread knife”. The design resembles that of a beast’s fangs and it works the same way since it can cleanly tear apart ingredients with even the toughest shells!

The Croc Knife is the ideal gift for your friend, especially since it’s easy to use with its wood handle. You can choose between five colours for its handle and have it engraved specially for your friend!

See our Croc Serrated Knife here.

Croc Serrated KnifeSantoku Knife: The ideal all-rounder

A definite must-have in a chef’s kitchen is the Santoku Knife since it’s as versatile as a knife can be! It weighs 160g with a blade length at 7.28 inches, making it easy to slice through meat, fish, and vegetables. Moreover, since it has a straight edge for the blade and its spine heading to its tip is curved, manoeuvring it to mince and dice quickly is easy.

It’s made with high carbon Damascus Japanese steel so durability is guaranteed. Aesthetic-wise, you can also choose between five different coloured resin handles.

See our Santoku Knife here.

Santoku KnifeKoala Knife: The precise slicer

Looking for a more precise knife to give as a gift? Then the Koala Knife is the one you need! It has a 4 inch blade, weighs only 195g, and is made with high carbon Japanese steel to ensure it’s sturdy. Mincing, chopping, or using this knife to garnish ingredients is easy, allowing each movement to be more accurate. It also comes in five different wooden handle colours and you can have it engraved for that personal touch!

See our Koala Paring Knife here.

Koala Paring KnifeBunka Bocho Knife: The heavyweight chopper

Within the kitchen, there are next to no limits to how sharp, durable, and precise a knife can be. So if you’re looking for a heavyweight chopper, then you need to get the Bunka Bocho Knife! It’s a reverse tanto knife (or acute-angled, reinforced tip) with a 7.28 inch blade, making it nimble, yet powerful. The knife is made with high carbon Damascus Japanese steel with thick spine and large heel, making it the best tool to slice through all types of ingredients even those with the toughest exteriors!

See our Bunka Bocho Knife here.

Bunka Bocho KnifeBig Red Knife: The toughest knife

Need the toughest knife that is versatile and easy to use? If so, then the Big Red Knife is what you need to give to your friend. It’s a knife made to last a lifetime, especially since it’s made using VG10 steel at its core and enforced with double-layer cladding in its spine. Whether it’s used for tough meat, fruits, vegetables, and more, you can guarantee the Big Red Knife will help your chef friend!

See our Big Red Chef Knife here.

Big Red Chefs Knife

Give your friend a knife as a gift now

Generally, giving knives as a gift is something that is considered bad luck, since it symbolises power and cutting ties between the gift giver and receiver. To avoid the bad luck, make sure to include a coin with the gift for the receiver to give you in return. This breaks the bad luck by turning the gift into a purchase.

Whether the receiver gives you a coin to prevent bad luck or not, giving your chef friend an indispensable tool like a knife for whatever occasion remains a perfect gift. After all, you’re making their life easier. Get the perfect knife as a gift now.

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