The 6 unique knives you need in your kitchen

The 6 unique knives you need in your kitchen

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When it comes to making heavenly meals, the first thing you need to do is be prepared. Besides getting your ingredients ready, the handy tools you need to have around are kitchen knives, especially the ones made perfectly for those difficult to handle ingredients. When you buy from high quality knives, like leading knife company Koi Knives, you have to carefully choose the ones that you need.

However, if you are not familiar with how each knife is different and their uses, it might be difficult to buy exactly what you need. Even if you are familiar, since there are a number of knives out there, figuring out the essential ones for your kitchen that you’ll use a lot can prove to be difficult. To make it easier for you, Koi Knives has curated a detailed list of the six unique knives that will make baking and cooking easier every time. Check them out below!

Gyuto: Your cow sword

The first thing you need to have in your kitchen is the Gyuto knife that will make preparations hassle-free. This modern Japanese knife is commonly used for all the basic slicing, chopping and roll-cutting you need in your kitchen, making it the perfect knife to have around. Since there are a number of knives that have precise purposes, you need to start off first with a Gyuto that can be your favourite all-round knife that will get the job done.

When translated in English, Gyuto literally means 'cow sword'. It’s made with Damascus Japanese steel, guaranteed to last for years especially if you take good care of it. Since Koi Knives’ Gyuto knife has a blade length of 8.26 inches with a 0.11 inch thickness, controlling each cut is easy. Moreover, you can get its resin handle in different colours, depending on what you want!

Gyuto Knife

Bunka Bocho: Your handy heavyweight knife

If you’re used to handling tougher ingredients or generally applying more force when you use a knife, the best one for you is the Bunka Bocho knife. It’s a reverse tanto style knife, where the acute angle of the knife is on the spine rather than on the tip, making it stronger and more durable. This knife style is not common, although it has become very popular in recent years.

Generally, the spine of the Bunka Bocho knife is reinforced with more steel, allowing you to easily cut through even the toughest ingredients. The tip of the knife makes piercing ingredients with hard shells easier as well. Besides that, you can get the Bunka Bocho knife in different resin handle styles from electric blue to white and even more, so getting the right one for you won’t be difficult.

Bunka Bocho

Dingo Knife: Your trustworthy companion

Look no further if you want an all-purpose knife based on a beast from Australia, the Dingo. Similar to a Bunka Bocho, with its distinct reverse tanto tip and flatter belly, the Dingo is designed to be your workhorse in the kitchen. With a cutting length of 20cm and a blade thickness of 3mm, it has a great heft and balance to it. The geometry of the blade and its full tang handle make it a fine-tuned cutting machine that feels like an extension of your arm. 

If you have a few knives in your collection already, a great addition is this unique knife. You will find it will become your favourite and go-to knife in no time.

Dingo utility knife

Nakiri: Your sharp slicing machine

Sometimes, cutting heaps of vegetables can be an annoying task. This is especially true if you use the wrong knives. But if you have a Nakiri knife, known specifically as a vegetable cutter, then it will make cutting and dicing as seamless as it can be. It’s a classic Japanese knife shape created to be your vegetable slicing machine because it has a long blade with a flat edge. Unlike the usual knives where it’s angular with a tip, the Nakiri knife doesn’t have it. This means that the knife can make full contact with the cutting board, and you vegetables will be properly cut.

Since Koi Knives’ Nakiri is made using high carbon Japanese steel, its durability and strength is greater than European equivalents. You can also get it in an orange resin handle, blue, and more so choose the right colour for your kitchen now.Nakiri Knife

The Big Red: Your expert meat cleaver

If you’re looking for your ideal partner in the kitchen, then look no further than Koi Knives’ The Big Red. It’s the expert meat cleaver that can handle most, if not all, ingredients that you need to cut. This is true whether you have to cut small ingredients like tomatoes or larger items like pork bellies, steaks, and more. It’s a strong and durable knife so you can use as much force as you need to cut through ingredients with hard exteriors.

Besides that, the Big Red’s handle is curved downwards, facing the side of the blade’s edge, allowing you to hold the knife in pinch grip, for more accuracy. Moreover, you can get it in different colours and have it engraved all for you!
Big Red Chefs Knife

Sujihiki: Your muscle cutter

The bigger the ingredients you have to handle, the more difficult it is to use basic chef’s knives to cut. In this case, the only partner in crime you need is the Sujihiki knife which was made specifically to carve through meat. It has a long blade at 10.23 inches with an overall length at 14.56 inches and a thickness of 0.11 inch, making it easy to slice through large fish or meat like a (Christmas turkey). You can get it engraved and in different colours so make your life easier by getting the Sujihiki knife now!

Sujihiki Knife

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