The "LGPK" | Ladies & Gentleman Pocket/Purse Knife

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

Specially crafted for both purses and wallets the ladies and gentlemen purse/pocket knife is made for all…

See the LGPK Here

When packing your purse or pimping your pocket this is the tool to complete almost all tasks you confront. So, When you remove the LG Pocket knife from your pocket or purse - what can it become?
 - a letter/box opener (perhaps you know someone with an online shopping problem)
- a tag cutter (same problem)
 - a peeler (cocktail lover)
 - a grape slicer (uber healthy person OR someone with kids)
 - a stylish toy opener at a kids party (partay mum or dad)
 - a paint remover (someone with kids)
 - a lemon/orange peeler for a cocktail (negroni lover)
 - remove the greenery from the top of a strawberry (for those who live with style)
 - Cheese slicer (Cheese lover or Dutchman)
 - Chop a cup cake in half to share with someone (Someone who doesn't like cupcakes but has to eat them)
 - cut the foil off a champagne bottle top (about to start a partay or tired with existing party)
 - and many more things … 

The purrrfect product for pockets and purses & Partays! :)

The everyday knife for everyone :) !!


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