The Ultimate Australian Gift Guide: 10 Aussie Themed Gift Ideas

The Ultimate Australian Gift Guide: 10 Aussie Themed Gift Ideas

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Australia's culinary landscape is as diverse as its wildlife, and what better way to celebrate than with uniquely themed knives? Each knife tells a story of Australia's rich culinary heritage, from the rugged Outback to the stunning coastlines.

Let's explore the Big Red Range – a collection of knives that pays homage to Australia's iconic wildlife. Crafted with precision and passion, these knives bring the spirit of the Outback into your kitchen.

Crafting Excellence

Each knife is designed with sharp blades and handles that are made with a lot of attention to detail. They're crafted using high-quality materials like strong stainless steel and unique Australian woods, so they'll stay strong and valuable for a long time. 

Whether you're cutting, slicing, or chopping, the Big Red knives are good at their job. Plus, they're inspired by amazing Australian animals like the crocodile and koala. Why settle for something ordinary when you can own a particular part of Australia's natural beauty?

1. The Croc Bread Knife

The Croc, an Australian-themed serrated bread knife, embodies the strength and resilience of the mighty crocodile. Crafted from 1.4116 high carbon German steel, its sandblasted finish represents Australia's sandy landscapes. 

Designed for precision slicing, the Croc's serrated edge effortlessly cuts through crusty bread and roasted meats. Its wooden handle, sourced from Australian Gidgee wood, pays homage to the rugged outback. The Croc combines durability and functionality with a blade length of 230mm and a weight of 255g. Perfect for everyday use in the kitchen, it adds a touch of Australian wildlife to culinary adventures.

2. The Wombat Chopper

The Wombat is a robust utility knife designed for effortlessly chopping vegetables and proteins. With a 5-layered steel blade featuring a VG10 core, it boasts a remarkable blade hardness of HRC60-62. The stainless-steel sandblasted finish adds an elegant touch and ensures a non-stick surface inspired by Australia's sandy landscapes. Crafted with a full tang handle each knife is unique, showcasing the rugged beauty of the outback. Customisable handle colors and optional engravings allow for personalisation, making the Wombat both practical and sentimental.

3. The Dingo 

The "Dingo" knife from the Big Red range embodies the spirit of Australia's wild dog with its long, thick blade suitable for all cutting needs. Its design, featuring extra heft towards the tip, mirrors the power of the Dingo's jaws, ensuring efficient cutting. Customers can personalize their knives with handle color options and optional engraving, with each handle uniquely crafted from Australian wood burl. 

Constructed from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a sandblast finish, the blade offers a razor-sharp edge and a non-stick surface for smooth vegetable slicing.

The selection of wood handles from various locations across Australia adds a symbolic touch, such as Gidgee from the Simpson Desert, paying tribute to the Australian outback.

4. The Koala 

The Koala is a versatile chef's knife that excels in small chopping tasks, garnishes, and precise cutting. Crafted from VG10 high carbon Japanese steel with a sandblast finish, it offers durability and razor-sharpness. The sandy texture reflects Australia's landscape and prevents sticking during use. 

Each knife features a unique handle made from Australian wood burl, ensuring a personalized touch. It's compact yet powerful, with dimensions of 102mm blade length and 232mm overall length, weighing 195g. The Koala cutter combines functionality with a touch of Australian flair, whether for everyday kitchen tasks or special occasions.

5. The Platypus 

Meet our Platypus knife, a western-style Nakiri tailor-made for tackling veggies and BBQ prep with precision and style. Its 150mm blade perfectly balances precision and versatility, making it an ideal companion for outdoor cooking adventures. The Platypus is modeled after classic vegetable choppers, and its straight edge ensures swift, efficient chopping, while a subtle upward curve towards the tip allows for seamless rocking-style cuts. 

The knife boasts Japanese VG10 steel for a razor-sharp edge that holds up under pressure. Paired with Australian wood handles sourced from Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, the Platypus marries functionality with elegance, making it a must-have for any BBQ scenario.

6. The Brolga

Introducing the Brolga, a versatile kitchen essential inspired by the graceful Australian crane. Its elegant, slender form and sharp, straight edge make it perfect for various tasks, from BBQ butchery to carving meats straight from the grill. With each precise cut, this knife preserves meat moisture for a juicy finish without the need for serration.

The Brolga Blade features a blade length of 270mm (10.6 inches), an overall length of 402mm (11.8 inches), a blade thickness of 3mm (0.118 inches), and a weight of 260g (9.17oz). Its hardness rating (HRC) is 60-61.

7. The Kookaburra 

The Kookaburra is your go-to tool for intricate BBQ preparation tasks, designed for in-hand use. Despite its small size, this versatile knife packs a punch. Use it for segmenting oranges, deveining prawns, separating sausages, and scoring meat.

The Kookaburra has a blade Length of 96mm (3.75"), a blade thickness of 3mm (0.118") and a weight of 170g (6oz). Crafted in South Australia by a 2nd generation blacksmith, our knives feature high-quality Japanese VG10 steel for durability, corrosion resistance, and a long-lasting razor-sharp edge. Paired with Australian wood handles sourced from the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale regions.

8. The Tassie Devil 

The Tassie Devil has a curved back that enhances slicing action, making it easy to cut sinew and maneuver around joints. The slender profile and robust spine also provide exceptional control for intricate bone work. At the same time, the classic three-rivet handle offers versatility in grip, allowing for comfortable use in various cutting tasks.

Crafted in South Australia, the knife boasts Japanese VG10 steel for a durable and corrosion-resistant blade. The handles are made from Australian wood and combine superior craftsmanship with a razor-sharp edge that endures. The knife has a blade length of 152mm (6.1"), an overall length of 280mm (11"), and a blade thickness of 2mm (0.078"). 

Experience Australian-made knives' unmatched precision and durability with the Big Red Range.

9. The Barramundi 

Looking for the perfect fillet knife? Meet our highly sought-after Barramundi Knife, a result of collaboration with local sport fishermen in South Australia. Crafted to perfection, it boasts the ideal length and flex for precise filleting, making it a favorite among anglers. With its fine tip for intricate work and a protective finger guard, this knife is a reliable companion even in wet conditions. It is perfect for handling larger sports fish like Kingfish and Swordfish.

This expertly crafted knife features a blade length of 190mm (7.5"), an overall length of 322mm (12.7"), and a blade thickness of 1.8mm (0.070"). Weighing just 130g (4.5oz), it offers optimal balance and a long-lasting, razor-sharp edge.

10. The Great White 

The Great White is a Western-style Deba knife with a double bevel, suitable for meat and vegetable prep. Crafted in South Australia with Japanese VG10 steel, it ensures durability and a long-lasting razor-sharp edge. 

The knife features Australian wood handles sourced from the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale, paired with a 50/50 double bevel edge sharpened to a 15° angle. It offers strength and precision for all culinary tasks with a blade length of 187mm and a thickness of 3.7mm. The Great White weighs 320g and balances performance and comfort, making it a versatile and reliable kitchen tool.

Selecting the Ideal Aussie-Themed Knife Gift

When selecting an Aussie-themed knife gift, consider the recipient's cooking style, preferences, and personality. Think about whether they enjoy adventurous outdoor cooking or prefer to hone their culinary skills indoors.

Match the design of the knife to the recipient's interests. If they're passionate about wildlife, a knife featuring their favorite Australian animal would be a great choice. Or, if they're into traditional Aussie cuisine, opt for a knife that reflects that theme.

Final Thoughts

With the Big Red Range, you're not just getting a tool but embracing a piece of Australian heritage. Each knife tells a story of resilience and beauty, from the mighty Croc to the elegant Brolga. As you embark on the quest to find the perfect Aussie-themed gift, remember to consider both the practicality and the symbolism behind each design.

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