Why am I obsessed with Knife "Fan" Racks?

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

A very good question. A question I often ask myself.

I've listed below 8 of the things that make me love making new and colourful knife racks every day.

1. The Fan Knife Rack looks awesome.

The fan rack brings the kitchen to life.

2. The noise that occurs when I knife is withdrawn from the rack is inspiring with what you are about to do.

3. The rack keep knives we positioned and well protected. Any moisture can drop out the bottom and the wood contained is specifically chosen

4. The rack is cleanable. A small bristle brush can clean and any left over moisture will drop out of the bottom

5. The widths and depths are perfect for almost all knives

6. I can move them around the kitchen.

7. I love the independent art.

8. I don't need to drill holes in the wall.

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