Sujihiki - Origin & Purpose

Sujihiki - Origin & Purpose

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With its name meaning literally the “flesh slicer” this blade was originally designed to be the double-bevelled evolution of the Japanese traditional specialist sashimi knife, the Yanagiba.

It is longer, lighter and due to the its aforementioned double-bevel it is suitable for use on both the right or the left hand.

Like many of the specialised meat slicers, the origin of the Sujihiki can be traced back to the period when Japan first culturally embraced meat, specifically beef for the average household. Officially endorsed by Emperor Meiji in 1872, it was announced the emperor had eaten beef for the first time and gave the nation permission to follow his example.

The economic growth at the time fuelled an infusion of interest in new culinary explorations resulting in the development of specialised cooking tools.

The Sujihiki of today is not only a powerful and handsome meat and fish slicer but a celebration of the pursuit of culinary excellence.

Use & Purpose

A graceful meat slicer shaped like a long sword, the Sujihiki is a stunning sight to behold.

Its length is the key to its speciality.

With a double-bevel on its cutting edge combined with a shortened height, the long narrow blade was designed to slice through entire lengths of meat or fish. Handled by an experienced chef this is often performed in a single draw of the knife from its heel to tip.

Made with high carbon steel honed to a razor sharpness, this blade has the ability to cut thin slices of meat and fish so clean that the integrity of each ingredient’s freshness is preserved on a cellular level upon the cut surface.

From filleting and skinning fish, trimming away sinew and fat from meat, to carving up a luscious roast the Sujihiki elevates the preparation of ingredients to an art form with its elegant blade

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