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Wood/Resin, or Resin stabilised wood, is a hybrid material used primarily on high tolerance applications such as Knife scale handles. Knife handles composed of wood and Resin, besides being aesthetically pleasing, are also hard-wearing and resilient. Like hardwood handles, wood/resin knife handles are non-slip and beautiful.

Wood, as you know, is prone to expansion and shrinkage due to changes in the temperature of its environment. Due to the softness of the majority of woods, they must undergo the stabilising process to be used on knives. 


Typically, the Resin is used to achieve a thick and enduring wood handle while still looking aesthetically pleasing. One good example is burl-wood. If you wish to prevent burl-wood from cracking you need to stabilise it with resins and can then be dyed in various colours before turning into knife handles. 

Many prefer having a wood and resin handle due to its unique look. Some even play with its pattern to make it look personalised. Well, this goes without saying, but the more personalised your kitchen knife is, the more you'll want to use it. 

Obviously we favour a rein and wood handle in our knives for the functional properties, but also because they look stunning.


  • Wood with Resin is a good choice for a handle knife since it can withstand temperature changes.
  • Resin-saturated wood is one option for creating a durable handle that is resilient to damage.
  • Knife handles made of wood and Resin are also more rot-resistant.
  • Additionally, despite being saturated with resin, the knife handles still retain the appearance and feel of wood, so many prefer this type of knife handle.
  • Wood/Resin knife handles are highly machine-able and often do not require finishing. The material also feels natural on the grip.
  • This knife handle type is aesthetically pleasing. The combination of natural colours of wood and the colourful designs of resin are all fantastic. It adds flair to the overall knife look.



  • The resin component in a knife handle can result in an imbalance that makes the knife uncomfortable to use.
  • Some users report that knives with wooden handles are less durable than those made of resin composites, being more prone to splitting and cracking.
  • Because the look of the knife is so unique, it can be difficult to pair colours together, or to have a whole collection in the exact same colour.

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