Australian Chefs Knife

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

We started our Australian Knife collection with the "Big Red" a large western style chefs knife that looked like a brute (a bit like a big red kangaroo when they are in a bad mood). 

To compliment the Big Red knife we created a small chefs knife, the Joey, the perfect knife in the morning to prepare your kids breakfast (or your own breakfast). That said something was still missing...

A few years after starting our Australian knife collection, at the request of many, we have created a knife that sits neatly in between the Big Red and the Joey (like a baby kangaroo in mums pouch) - we made the classic chefs knife. 

We have named it the Wallaby as a recognition of its size and shape. One of the first we have ever made is made with an ochre wood handle in honour of the environment where they exist - the Australian dessert.


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