Sharpening Service in Melbourne

Sharpening Service in Melbourne

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Your kitchen knives are the most essential tools in your kitchen. However, frequently using your knife will eventually result in underperformance in chopping, slicing, and dicing. That’s why it’s necessary to have a trusted sharpening service to hone, sharpen and repair your knives. If you’re searching for a reliable sharpening service in Melbourne, we recommend Just Knives as your best team.

Just Knives

Who are they?

Just Knives is one of the best knife sharpening services in the culinary community, based in Melbourne, Australia. They offer knife sharpening, restoration, and access to the best Japanese kitchen knives. Their expertise is to care for every detail, from selecting the right whetstones to grinding and honing your knives to ensure they have a razor-sharp edge. 

Just Knives provide exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Their sharpening service is performed by a professionally trained chef who has been honing his skills with Japanese waterstones for over 20 years. They also offer services for commercial and residential clients who want their knives back in optimum condition.  

Why Knife Sharpening?

Knives frequently used in commercial kitchens and even at home must be sharp and honed. A blunt or dull knife is more dangerous as it requires more pressure and is more likely to cause an injury. Furthermore, sharpening your knives allows you to have the following benefits: 

  • Sharp knives will enable you to do more work with less effort.
  • It makes it easy to control how the blade moves through the food, giving you control over chopping or slicing.
  • More accurate and efficient. Sharp knives make cleaner cuts.
  • Sharp knives provide a lighter grip, which reduces the risk of an accident. 

It’s better to select the exemplary sharpening service to take care of your knives, and there is no better team to choose from than Just Knives. 

What Do They Offer?

Just Knives offers high-quality sharpening services in a timely and professional manner. Their services include Stropping, Ceramic Stones, Honing (conventional and flat stone), and Knife repair services (tips, nicks, broken tips, etc.). 

Just Knives also offer a mobile service that sharpens knives for companies and individuals. These services comprise but are not limited to: Home cooks, Professional chefs, Restaurants, and cafes.

Knives are hand-sharpened by a professionally trained chef using the highest quality Waterstones, which produces a quality edge on your knives. They also sharpen all styles and sizes of both Western and Asian style blades, including straight-edge kitchen cutlery, chef's knives, cleavers, and filet knives.

How are They Different?

Just Knives are professionals who mastered the craft of knife sharpening. They specialize in Japanese steel sharpening, which is rare in Melbourne. 

They also provide mobile service, direct to your home, office, or wherever is most convenient. They also have a solid reputation with many local customers who use their services regularly.

With all that being said, rest assured that your blades are taken care of by Just Knives who offer hands-on, excellent, high-quality, and efficient sharpening services—ensuring that details in your valuable knives are appropriately sharpened.

Contact Details

Steve \ 0490517491

PO Box 3040 Eltham VIC 3095




We like to partner with trusted knife sharpeners specialising in high-carbon steel sharpening around Australia. If you live in a different state and are looking for the best knife sharpeners, check out other available services here. And if you’re a professional knife sharpener or would like to recommend one, don’t hesitate to email Tuck at

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