Sharpening Services Brisbane

Sharpening Services Brisbane

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One of the first regions in Australia where people started to buy our knives was Brisbane, Australia. When we spoke with chefs and home cooks in and around Brisbane we had a consistent message - if your looking for a good sharpener go see Troy. 

Whether for home cooking or professional use, you’ll always have that favourite kitchen knife you want to use from time to time. That’s totally normal for all kitchen knife users. However, all knives will eventually dull. That's why it’s essential to have a trusted sharpening service to handle, hone and maintain your kitchen knives. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy expert to take care of your knife sharpening within Brisbane, we have a recommended team who can cater for that sharpening service. 


A Wicked Edge Mobile Sharpening

Who are they?

Wicked Edge Mobile Sharpening is a mobile knife sharpening service based in Brisbane, founded by Troy Bedford in 2012. With skills he earned in his many years in the hospitality business, he decided to start his own sharpening business. A Wicked Edge's successful 11 years of experience in providing sharpening services throughout Brisbane comes from Bedford’s hard work and perseverance. 

If you are looking for an excellent quality, fast, and on-the-go sharpening service for your kitchen knives, there’s no better team we can recommend than A Wicked Edge Mobile Sharpening. 


Why Knife Sharpening?

You might be wondering why we recommend knife sharpening service rather than self-sharpening? Well, learning to hone your kitchen knives on your own is a practical skill. Having a professional to look after your kitchen knife has long-term benefits. Here are some reasons why we recommend a knife sharpening service.

  • Maintain your knife's original shape and state and understand your knife's nature. Of course, this can be learned by any knife enthusiast, however, an expert knife sharpener can make the work faster and more accurate.
  • A sharp knife in the kitchen for slicing, dicing, skinning, and many more with less force and effort.
  • Prolong the knife's life and get the best out of its cost. This goes without saying but maintaining your kitchen knife is the best way to extend its usage in your kitchen.


What Do They offer?

A Wicked Edge Mobile Sharpening Service offers knives, tools, and garden accessories services throughout Brisbane, Australia. They are the number one pick of Brisbane's Best Chefs, Butchers, Home Cooks, Schools, and Commercial Food Processors. 

With specialised water-cooled, slow-speed finishing system, your knife will be as good as new with a razor edge after its sharpening service. A Wicked Edge ensures your blade is sharpened just right for your comfortable use, while removing less steel with every sharpen. 

Troy also does regular home-scheduled visits all around Brisbane's city. But the best thing about A Wicked Edge is their mobile service per zone.

How are They Different?

We know that there have to be tons of similar knife sharpening services in Brisbane, but why do we recommend A Wicked Mobile Sharpening?

  1. The company has been offering sharpening services for almost 11 years. We can confidently say that they are already masters of their crafts.
  2. They understand your needs. They can instantly tell what your kitchen knife needs, saving you a lot of time and money. 
  3. A Wicked Edge Sharpening provides mobile service at great reasonable prices. 
  4. They specialise in Japanese steel sharpening, a scarce skill in Brisbane.

Finding the right knife sharpener is important for the lifetime of your knife. With the right care and deep understanding of different steel types, your knife will last forever. 

Contact Details

Troy Bedford

0411 057 434




We like to partner with trusted knife sharpeners specialising in high-carbon steel sharpening around Australia. If you live in a different state and are looking for the best knife sharpeners, check out other available services here. And if you’re a professional knife sharpener or would like to recommend one, don’t hesitate to email Tuck at

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