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German Knives - What steel is used?

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Euro Steel - 1.4116 - A Classic from the Swiss Army Knife

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Euro Steel, manufactured in Germany by companies like ThyssenKrupp Group or Eurotechni, has been used for many classic product likes Swiss army knives and classic wide spread, common knives such as the Wüsthof. It is referred to 1.1446 or X50CrMoV15.

This is steel has been likened to Japanese AUS6 or AUS8 in Japan or 440A and 440B in the US however as we know nothing is ever the same.

All of these knives have lower carbon concentration which leads to solid, low corrosiveness however the trade off here is it will have slightly higher ductility leading to a HRC of around 55% (5-10% lower than steel like VG10).

The overview of the make-up for X50CrMoV can be seen below:


Elements X50CrMoV / 1.4116
Fe ~82%
C 0.45-0.55%
Cr 14-15%
Mo 0.5-0.8
V 0.10-0.20%
Mn 1%%
Si 0.5-1%
P 0-0.04
S 0-0.015
Quenching Hardness ~HRC55
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