USA Steel - CPM S35VN

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Companies such as Hudson Tool Steel Corporation & Crucible have crafted the S35VN or CPM S35VN. This is in turn one of the favorite metals used by blacksmiths in USA.

You'll notice a higher Carbon concentration of 1.34% offset with a large fusion of Chromium, Vanadium and Molybdenum. It sits broadly in between VG10/AUS10 (around 1-1.2% )and the ultra high carbon steel like ZDP189 / MC66 (3% Carbon).

This is probably one of the best steels to use if you are in the US and support local production in that it balance hardness with a post 60 HRC and still deals with corrosiveness with the additions below.

The overview of the CPM S35Vn is as follows: 

Elements CPM S35VN
Fe ~80%
C 1.34%
Cr 14%
Mo 2%
V 3%
Mn 0.50%
Co 0-0.5%
Ni 0.50%
Si 0.50%
P 0-0.03%
S 0-0.03%
Quenching Hardness HRC60 +


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