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VG10 is made by Takefu Special Steel Company.

VG10 or "V Gold 10" has become the worlds most popular high carbon yet anti-corrosive steel. It is used by most high end knife brands, blacksmiths and blade makers all over the world however the vast majority of consumption remains in Japan.

As with all steels it is made predominantly from iron (circa 80% of 4/5th). It has a high carbon content which adds to the hardness of the blade. Typically stainless steel will hold a maximum of 0.005% however VG10 will have at least twice that amount. This increase in carbon content (after heat treatment) will significantly decrease ductility. This basically means that it is less likely to change shape - however if not carefully imposed it can also mean it's more likely to crack.

All-in-all "VG10" knives are usually composed with a core VG10 and cladded on the outside with 440S. This means that the outside (beyond the edge) is completely stainless yet the edge is super hard (HRC 60+). This impressive combination has made VG10 the most popular high end knife steel on the planet (not used in medium or lower end as it is much more expensive).

Within the Knife Mecca itself you will find on blades brought to the market such as Koi Knives and Kasumi - they are a couple of many who use this sought after steel to make fine balance between low corrosiveness and blade hardness and ease of sharpening.

The specifications of VG10 are as follows:

Elements VG10 / V Gold 10
Fe ~81%
C 0.95-1.05%
Cr 14.50-15.50%
Mo 0.80-1.20
V 0.25-0.35
Co 1.30-1.80
Quenching Hardness HRC60 +



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