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Sakai, Japan

Company Overview

Konosuke was founded by Kosuke Kawamura in 2006. A relatively new player in the knife industry, the company features a lean portfolio of 8 knife lines for chef knives - with some lines being an iteration of their classics for greater familiarity.

Konosuke knives are entirely handmade while also upholding top-notch quality by expert craftsmen in Sakai. Because of its youthful leadership, the company easily adopts new materials and methodologies, such as the use of Vintage Carbon, the effort of incorporating knife finishes such as uwahiki, kurouchi and suminagashi, and sharpening a knife line entirely on sharpening stones.

Konosuke’s mantra is to innovate, always strive to advance their knowledge, and exceed their standard of excellence. For this reason, the young Kawamure approached various blacksmiths and sharpeners of Sakai. The creativity and dedication of Konosuke to their craft are changing the canvas of Japanese knife design.

Knife Types

Konosuke is focused on kitchen knives.

Although new in the knife industry, Konosuke still features a portfolio of eight kitchen knife lines. Fujiyama, FM Fujiyama, HD2, Kaiju, GS+, YS, Tetsujin and Sumiiro. Some lines are an iteration of their classics for greater familiarity. 

These knives have exceptional fit and finish high-quality grinds, and some of the most exquisite handles on Japanese knives.

Best known for

Konosuke is best known for its Japanese knives.

Konosuke focuses on attention to detail, from the heat treatment and manner to the packaging. These blades are famous for their thin, sharp, and sleek edges. Quite comparable to lasers, which means they are fine and can slice through many things.

With their high standards in fit and finish, customers worldwide seek their kitchen knives for premium quality.

Steel Used

Konosuke uses mostly high-carbon Japanese steels such as Shirogami I and II White Steel, Aogami I and II Blue Steel, and Aogami Super steel by Hitachi. ​​These metals make for hard knives that hold a strong edge. To prevent its prospensity for rusting, these knives ae clad in soft iron or stainless steel. Konosuke also offers a line with SLD stainless steel for this purpose.

Handles Used

Konosuke uses wooden handles such as bamboo, laurel, and burnt chestnut for their knives.

Sharpening & Maintenance

The best way to maintain a knife is determined by the steel hardness grade and the angle of the knife edge. 

Konosuke knives have a high hardness grade of 61+ HRC and an edge of around 12-15 degrees. As such, hone the knife at its original angle using the Japanese Approach.

Regular honing removes the need for sharpening, which must only be done occasionally. A whetstone is the most recommended material for this purpose.

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