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Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Company Overview

The Takefu Knife Village was founded in 1991 by ten blacksmiths, knife sharpeners, and artisans to elevate and introduce the knife industry to new key investors and contributors. It is known for the 700-year-old tradition of exceptional handcrafted knives drawn from the elements of Echizen Uchihamono's designs.

In 1983 the introduction of new product development by worldwide designer Kazuo Kawasaki led to the revival of Echizen knives incorporating the concept of industrial design. The brand is distinguished for the combined traditional arts and modern styles and was awarded the Good Design Award by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1985. 

In addition, with Takefu's continuous efforts, the industry of knife making has been continuously passed on to younger generations. Takefu Knife Village provides experience classes or workshops starting from heating materials, sharpening, and patterning to the final knife output.

They are currently composed of 13 Companies corroborating, namely Anryu Knives, Kitaoka Knives, Kato Knife Manufacturing Inc., Saji Knives, Sharpening Four, Okada Knives, Kamoto Blades, Honda Blades, Yamamoto Knives, Style-K, Yoshihiro Yauji, Kamo Knives and Kurosaki Knives in cooperation and shared factory equipment to make some of the finest Japanese knives.

Knife Types

Takefu is famous for its hand-forged and crafted knives. 


Best known for

Echizen Uchihamono Industrial Knives 


Steel used

Knife blades are shaped by hammer forging from laminated carbon steel and stainless steel.


Handles Used

Takefu uses various handle materials such as Ironwood and Black Mikarta, Deer Horn, Paulownia handle, etc.


Sharpening and Maintenance

Carbon steel knives are the best knives for durability but are prone to rust. Most of Takefu's range of knives are high in carbon, but are still rated as 'stainless steel' One can sharpen and maintain Takefu Knives in four various ways. It could be through sharpening stones, sharpening steel, honing rods, electric sharpeners, and handheld sharpening tools.

If you do not know knife sharpening and maintenance, Takefu Knife Village provides sharpening and repair services depending on the materials and structure within a maximum of days of accomplishment.

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