Gifting Food to Children

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Partnering with Foodbank

As of yesterday we have partnered with Foodbank.


In building Koi Knives and slaving away on things we enjoy we used to ponder if what we were doing was worth while. We love making knives and we love using them however with all the work they are a high end product (almost a piece of jewellery in the kitchen). This is wonderful for those that can afford it but for those that cannot it does nothing.

We realised over time we weren’t just making beautiful knives - we have been focusing on making dining experiences (particularly with family) a more wonderful moment. Realising the importance of food we stumbled upon the foodbank.

Enter Foodbank.

The first known ‘food bank’ was established in the US city of Phoenix, Arizona, in 1967 by John van Hengel – a volunteer at a busy St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen. One day he noticed a woman going through a trash bin behind a supermarket, uncovering that supermarkets and restaurants were throwing away enormous amounts of perfectly edible food every day.

He began meeting with store managers in the area and persuaded them to donate the unsaleable food to his charity. Soon he was receiving more food than he could use. With the help of a local church he established a centrally located warehouse from which any charity could receive donations – and the first food bank was born.

From here the concept of foodbanking spread across the US and around the globe.

Foodbank is now the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia – servicing over 2,600 charities in every state and territory to enable them to provide food to 710,000 people a month.

Our Commitment

So from now for each knife we sell we will give $10 to Foodbank. $10 converts to 20 meals for kids (an area we have requested). So when you buy a knife you not only make your dinner experience wonderful you create 20 meals for a child who needs them.

We hope this helps.

Ramon & Shannon

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