Introducing the "Knife Gift Card"

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

When we started making knives we were making them solely for ourselves. That's where it all begun.

As a few people uncovered what we were up to we started meeting the requests of others to make knives for them. We had never really planned to make knives beyond our own kitchen however we started doing it.

We were then convinced to do a kickstarter to help us pre-fund a larger batch. Why not? We needed up selling way more than we thought we would. It was an honor but for the first time we were now struggling to meet demand. 

Whilst we have worked through this (and prepared ourselves for the future) we also noted another thing we didn't expect - more than half of the kickstarter knives were bought as gifts for someone else.....

So since then we realized that knives are often gifts. Based on our gifts we give our wives we have also learnt we often choose the wrong pillows, pants, etc etc...For weddings, Christmas or birthdays we often found we gave or received the same gift. Knives are no different.

So for those who wish to give a knife but don't really know what the recipient wants you now have the option of giving a gift. They can then choose their blade, how it is engraved and so on. We hopes the new "Knife Gift Card" helps some of you.

Gift Wrapped Knife

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