Knife Makers Who Inspire

Posted by Ramon Elzinga on

Shannon and are never 100% happy with what we have made. We might be proud but we always know we can make something better. Something more finely tuned. Something that inspires us to take another step forward.

Below are some of the knife makers that inspire us (alphabetic order courtesy of in-house OCD). Wether it's the steel they craft, their unique handle, the shape and design of the knife or the fusion of them all. All makers below inspire us in our constant pursuit for perfection:

 - Albert, Max

 - Andersson (Joel) & Copra (Adisa)

 - Andrade, Don Carlos

 - Botner, Tomer

 - Camacho, Zachary

 - Dikristo

 - Ferraby, Will

 - Fox, Scott

 - Hatcher, Shawn

 - Kramer, Bob

 - KWB Knives

 - Lees, Jared

 - Manning, Will

 - Martens, Oliver

 - Nguyen, Don

 - Oatley, James

 - Timpson, Laurie

 - Vachon, Noah


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