The Bunka Knife Collection | Knives from Australia

Introducing the Bunka knife. The Bunka knife (or bunka-bōcho) is a general-purpose kitchen knife for meat, vegetables and fish.

In Japanese "Bunka" means culture and when the name of this knife was coined Japanese food habits were evolving quite quickly along with the changes to society, technology and infrastructure after the second world war..

The Bunka knife is the knife to turn to if hefty chopping is required. It has a thick (3mm) spine all the way to the tip meaning it can chop down hard of pumpkins, potatoes or meats. In addition, the blade itself has dimples which help to stop starchy vegetables from sticking to the blade.

The Bunka Knife is a great addition to the collection if you already hold a Gyuto (chefs) knife or utility knife - the all-purpose takes the lightweight and the Bunka takes on the heavy work... 

As each Bunka knife is different the specifications of each Bunka knife made is included on the product screens listed below. All Bunka knives are made with a Damascus finish and hammered dimples using AUS10 Japanese steel. Handles are made using Australian wood sourced in Mclaren Vale South Australia fused with epoxy resin.