Koi Knives - Aussies playing with Japanese Steel

The Gyuto Knife Collection | Crafted in Australia

Introducing the Gyuto knife or "Cow Sword" ("Gy = Cow" and "uto = sword").

The Gyuto knife is our most popular knife - the all purpose blade that is a Japanese equivalent of a chefs knife. The Gyuto can be used for most purposes - vegetables and proteins being the core focus of all kitchens.

For those that are making their first foray into the Japanese knife market the Gyuto is a great place to start your collection. 

Below is a brief video of the Gyuto knife at work and further down the page you will see the Gyuto knives we currently have in the shed. 

As each Gyuto knife is different the specifications of each Gyuto knife made is included on the product screens listed below. All Gyuto's are made with a Damascus finish using AUS10 Japanese steel. Handles are made using with Australian wood sourced in Mclaren Vale South Australia fused with epoxy resin.

*Avoid using the Gyuto knife for chopping bones as it could chip the knives blade.