The Nakiri Knife Collection | Australian Crafted Vege Chopper

The Nakiri Knife - found in Australia.

The Nakiri Knife literally translates as the "Vegetable Chopper". For vegans and vegetarians, this is the ultimate knife.

The Nakiri knife has grown in popularity as global diets have changed. The number of vegetables being chopped across the globe on a daily basis ensures the Nakiri knife is one of the knives most commonly used.

Below is a brief video of the Nakiri knife at work and further down the page, you will see the Nakiri knives we currently have in the shed. 

As each Nakiri knife is different the specifications of each Nakiri knife made is included on the product screens listed below. All Nakiri's are made with a Damascus finish using AUS10 Japanese steel. Handles are made using Australian wood sourced in Mclaren Vale South Australia fused with epoxy resin.

The Nakiri knife is the double-bevelled version of the original Usuba Knife. The Nakiri also allows you to slice through vegetables and fruit without crunching the flesh (as happens with a blunt knife) ensuring the vegetable has a glassy, mirror-like finish that retains its moisture and flavour.

*Avoid using the Nakiri knife for chopping bones as it could chip the knives blade and don't put it in a dishwasher as this may lead to rust over time.