SA Champagne Sabers

We have made many knives however the Saber may be the blade that is associated with the most important days we have ever lived.

The Saber is the knife used on days of celebration. Excitement created with the use of a Saber not only improves the occasion - it helps improve the memory of the occasion forever.

The handle is made using roots of the vines themselves and is a simple way of re-incarnating a vine after it dies. When cared for this piece of history will then last forever. When smashing with a Saber your opening sparklings of today with a handle made from a crop of their history.

Our Sabers come from 3 regions - the Misty Adelaide Hills Saber (wood from the hills coated in white misty resin), MV Sabers in the Mclaren Vale region that rests besides the Southern coast and beaches (blue handles for this location) and lastly the Barossa Saber (the red handle for a region known for Reds.) Every handle is made from wood in the region of the grapes in the bottle.

Each saber is created with Swedish 14c28N steel, renowned for being one of the cleanest yet hardest steels on earth.