Storage & Knife Care

Discover the perfect knife storage and care solutions for your cherished Koi Knives collection with our range of storage products.

Our knife racks combine functionality and aesthetics, while providing a stylish and efficient way to showcase and organise your knives.

For those who are always on the move, our knife rolls and knife roll bags offer a convenient and secure option to transport your Koi Knives with ease. Designed with multiple pockets and compartments, they ensure that each knife is snugly held in place during travel. These locally made knife rolls are made with kangaroo leather. 

Meticulously designed and made with premium materials, our knife storage products are a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that Koi Knives represents.

Our range of sharpening and care products come recommended by our head sharpener, Joao, who sharpens thousands of knives by hand each year. 

Elevate your culinary experience and keep your Koi Knives (or any others you may have) in pristine condition with our thoughtfully designed storage solutions.

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