Bevel 1 Knives v Bevel 2 Knives

First thing first - in the western world - very few kitchens have a single, Single bevelled knife (home kitchens or even restaurants that are not Japanese). For these knives we use the term "Bevel 1."

However, until more recent times, the single bevel knife was the most common type of blade in Japan and it remains a very popular for certain tasks. 

The difference between single bevel and double bevel is quite simple - single bevel has a bevel on one side whilst the double bevel has both - however there is a little more nuance to explore....

Single versus double bevel knife

Looking at the image above you will see the first reason to go with single bevel:

1. It's sharper

2. It has less steel contact with whatever you are cutting (the concave on the non-beveled side allows this)

3. It allows you to make finer slices due to the width of the blade itself.

On the downside:

1. The double bevel tends to be stronger and require less maintenance

2. The double bevel requires less training for cutting/slicing skills etc

3. The double bevel can be used in either hand (the single bevel is even left or right handed).

So the choice is yours. If you're experienced or want to learn the craft at the highest level - go with a single bevel. If you're looking for lower maintenance and more simplicity of use stick with the double bevel. Or maybe try both :)

We appreciate this is short and to the point and if you want to talk hours drop us a note :)