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Yes we sharpen nearly all types of kitchen knives - with the exception of ceramic blades.

We are unable to sharpen scissors, gardening tools, chainsaws, lawn mower blades, or swords.

Prices vary depending on the condition of the blade.

Prices start at $20 per knife.

We sharpen knives by hand using whetstones in the order that they arrive to us - sometimes there may be only 5 in the queue, sometimes 50.

We always ask that you allow up to two weeks just to be safe.

If you require an express service please come into the store first thing at 9am Tuesday to Friday or 9:30am Saturday morning to discuss with Joao.
*An additional charge may be added to jump the queue.

Please note that single bevel knives and restorations can take longer due to the extra work involved.

Our sharpener Joao will send you a text message when your knife/knives are ready to be collected.

We can provide you a knife to borrow while yours is being sharpened.