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Butchery and BBQing

Find the local talent for all your fire cooking adventures.

Butchers & BBQs

Being in the knife business, it isn't long before you meet your share of local butchers and BBQ enthusiasts. After all, one of the most exciting things to use your knife on is a Christmas turkey, large leg of lamb, or a slow cooked brisket.   

Along the way we have made some great friendships, discussing the finer points of both topics, and sharing some of our wisdom in knife-making. 

We have created this space to celebrate the artisans and masters in the industry, highlighting those doing it traditionally, sometimes irreverently and always passionately.

If you are looking to find the best produce for your next big occasion, or would like to learn more about the art and obsession that is BBQ, see below for some of the best in the industry.