What do we do you may ask?

First, we love what we do. Second, we don't do much.

Our focus is presently on 6 different blades and many, many unique handles. The knives you see are focused on different tasks so allow the holder to be more efficient and precise. This is the way Japanese evolved the evolution of knives.

Most western knives are knives built to do a bit of everything. The closest knife to this is the Gyoto (one of the more recent Japanese designs which is actually taken from western styles). All other knives are purpose built.

The Yanagiba knife is built for fish (one sided angle and long length which helps with skin removal and sushi crafting). The Nakiri is a knife made for vegetable cutting. The Honesuki is built for boning a bird or beast. The list goes on. We have a lot more detail in our blog.....