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"Evan" | The Wedge Tailed Eagle EDC Pocket Knife

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Scientific name: Aquila audax
Indigenous name: Waalitj (Noongar), Bunjil (Kulin) and many more
Koi name: Evan 

The largest bird of prey in Australia, the Wedge Tailed Eagle is best known for its striking appearance and it's strength and power (Sam once saw one pick up and carry away a wild goat while driving from Broken Hill to Lake Mungo in outback New South Wales.)

The Australian Wedge-tailed Eagle mates for life.  Once they have paired up the Wedge-tailed Eagle will find a large territory and defend it together. They will also share the duties of caring for their chicks and maintaining their nests. Much like its' namesake, you and your Wedge Tailed Eagle Pocket Knife will last forever.

In Central and Western Victorian Aboriginal culture, Bunjil is the name of the creator of the land, water, animals and sky. Once Bunjil was satisfied and had completed everything including people and lore, he turned himself into a Wedge-tailed Eagle so he could soar above the land that he created, keeping an eye on everyone and everything. 

The Wedge-tailed Eagle holds a connection to Aboriginal Victorians. When you see Bunjil you feel safe, a connection knowing that you do not walk this country alone, you are under the guidance and protection of a greater presence, a creator spirit.  

Knife Specs

Blade Length: 87mm | Overall Length: 206mm | Folded Length: 118mm Blade Thickness: 2.5mm | Weight: 129g

Bird Specs
Average Lifespan In Captivity: 
Up to 20 years
Wingspan: Up to 2.8 metres (9.18 ft)
 368 to 453g (13 to 16 ounces)

High above the brown paddock on a calm and windless day
The huge dark brown bird with wedge tail is eyeing the landscape for prey
He kills living creatures and scavenges on the dead
The great wedge tailed eagle Aussie born and bred.

The great feathered emperors of the southern sky
The landscape below them is bare, brown and dry
And for prey scanning the landscape they hover and fly
The huge and airborne hunters with death in their cry.

They nest in remote places and their nests few do see
A huge structure of sticks lined with green leaves high or low on a tree
They lay two to three pale eggs blotched purply brown
The birds never seen in the parks of the Town.

From human habitation their safe distance they keep
And the farmers do not like them they say they kill sheep
And despite persecution as a species they thrive
And as well as eating carrion of course they must kill to survive.

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