Patina Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Patina Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Industrial Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Industrial Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Patina Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Patina Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Industrial Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives
Industrial Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle - Koi Knives

Patina Chef Knife | The "Wallaby" Knife | G10 Handle

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Handle Black G10

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Introducing Koi Patina Knives. Designed for the professional kitchen, we have taken some of our favourite designs and reinforced them with G10 handles and forced patina finish. This improves their wear resistance, allowing the knives to take on some of the brutal challenges a commercial kitchen has in store.

The newest member of the Big Red family, The Wallaby is now joining our Industrial Collection. The smaller, more agile cousin to the Kangaroo, the Wallaby is designed to handle all the tasks in the kitchen. If you could have just one knife, we would suggest this one. With a 18.5cm cutting length and strong curves, it is a powerful allrounder that suits all cutting techniques, while maintaining a smaller profile.

The classic chef knife shape, with some handy improvements.


Blade Length: 185mm (7.28") | Over All Length: 324mm (12.75") | Blade Thickness: 3mm (0.118") | Weight: 261g (9.20oz) | HRC: 60-62

VG10 high carbon Japanese steel construction with forced patina acid wash.

The high carbon content core ensures a razor-sharp cutting edge, clad with stainless steel for protection. We have opted for a forced patina finish where the knife will develop character over its lifetime, but will maintain its corrosion resistance.

G10 is a heavy duty composite material made from a fibreglass and resin laminate. It is used in tactical applications in the military like pistol grips and knife handles because of its hardwearing properties and indestructibility. It is a fantastic material for kitchen knives, where the feel and finish provides good grip even when wet or oily.



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Koi knives are made by a small team passionate about what they make.

We do not have a full warranty for everything.

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Once you take the knife you are responsible for looking after it. To be clear we look at how other passionate makers work with their clients - like those who make Ferraris.

If you invest in a Ferrari you need to take care of it, wash it, service every so often. You need to treat it with love, with the same passion it was made.

If you buy a Ferrari, ignore reading the manual, drive around your local cow farm through the mud and undulating landscape. Leave it by the seaside where the salt comes in from the sea. Don’t service your car. What will happen?

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We are no different. If it’s a product problem we will fix it or we will replace it at no charge. If you don’t look after your knife then it’s your responsibility.  If it needs to be fixed (due to the negligence of the knife holder) then we will tell you what is costs.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Please care for your knife with the passion that your knife is made with.

A very good question. Here's a short answer.

What not to do?

Don't put it in the dishwasher or leave it in a sink full of water as this can lead to corrosion. We also recommend against cutting on a glass chopping board as this is terrible for the blade (can lead to chipping).

What to do?

Our knives have a high carbon concentration meaning they are harder at the edge. This means less honing is needed (i.e. sharpening with your rod at home or in the kitchen).

With this type of steel you should have it sharpened by a sharpener (ideally on a whetstone to stop the steel heating). How often varies depending on usage however most people do it every 3-6 months.

To summarise, less honing and more stoning.

If you need help finding a sharpener near you, give us a bell and we will do our best to assist.

Here's a little more detail from our blacksmith Shannon...

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