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Westerners often dub Cai Dao as 'Chinese Cleaver' due to its appearance. However, these two kitchen knives are different from each other. The literal translation of Cai Dao is 'Slicer' because it's much more suitable for precision slicing rather than the heavy tasks that a cleaver can do.

The Cai Dao is also flexible for kitchen tasks like slicing meat and chopping vegetables. Scooping up chopped ingredients will not be a problem due to its wide blade. The precise work it does makes it a favorite of chefs. With proper skillfulness, you can wield Cai Dao in various cutting styles. 

Tips When Using the ‘Cai Dao’

Looks can sometimes be deceiving. Despite looking like a cleaver, you should not use Cai Dao as one. It would be best to refrain from thinking it'll perform like a cleaver because it is not suited for heavy cleaving tasks. However, you will find it easy to wield because of its lightness.

You can achieve paper-thin slices if you use Cai Dao the right way. Gripping the Cai Dao may take you a while to get used to, but through practicing and training, you will soon learn how to use it for any of your kitchen tasks efficiently. 

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