Chinese Cleaver

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China, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD), older versions date back thousands of years

Blade Length 

180-220 mm


The Chinese Cleaver, or Chuka Bocho, is a cleaver that typically has a sizable rectangular-shaped blade that is quite sturdy. Unlike other knives, a Chinese cleaver has a broad edge instead of a pointed one. It is also heavier compared to other cleavers.

This cleaver has various thicknesses ranging from thin or lighter blades for slicing fine ingredients and thick or heavy edges for cutting poultry or bones. The Chinese cleaver can also be used for many purposes, such as slicing, chopping, scraping, mincing, and even crushing ingredients which makes it useful for every chef.

Tips When Using the ‘Chinese Cleaver’

As the Chinese cleaver is a multi-purpose knife, you can utilise this in many kitchen tasks. You will have no problem cutting large ingredients like fruits and vegetables because of the tall blade of the Chinese cleaver. Even if you are a beginner, you will feel safe using this cleaver as you can safely guide the edge with your free hand's knuckle. 

Using the Chinese cleaver offers strong force and an accurate outcome in just one tool. You will find its versatility suitable for your kitchen endeavours. 

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