Golden Pig Cooking School - QLD

Golden Pig Cooking School - QLD

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 About the School

The Golden Pig is an award-winning Asian fusion restaurant and cooking school combo located in Newstead, Brisvegas. This Brisbane-based studio holds a la carte services most days of the week, bur reserves Sundays and Mondays for its exclusive cooking classes.  

Most of the classes in the Golden Pig are 3-hour, hands-on sessions with professional chefs - cooking dishes and enjoying them after, too. The school proudly showcases cuisines with a twist with quality ingredients and top of the line equipment. Unlike most commercial kitchens, the Golden Pig cooks in an airy and relaxing space for a fun and casual learning session.


About the Owner

The Golden Pig Restaurant and Cooking School was established by husband and wife duo Mark and Katrina Ryan in 2012. The pair carry decades of experience in the culinary world as executive chefs in some of Australia’s finest restaurants. 

Katrina’s experience as a chef is comprehensive. She has run two of her own restaurants, served as a personal chef for famous stars Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, and co-authored books on food and cooking. She has also served as a guest chef in other cooking schools before opening her own. Much of the Golden Pig’s recipes are sourced from her experiences in modern Pan Asian cuisine.

Mark completes the picture by complementing good food with good ambiance. An executive chef with a building designer badge, Mark is responsible for crating the Golden Pig space - a green space that brings in the best in sustainability and design.

School Specialties

The Golden Pig Cooking School features cuisines from all over the world. Inevitably, there is much emphasis on Katrina’s specialties on Modern Asian fusion, but there are also classes which focus on street food of different countries, or interesting ways to maximize beef dishes from nose to tail. These classes can be availed of in small or big groups upon reservation.

Students at the Golden Pig enjoy a different learning format as teammates completing a particular dish - working together to prepare, cook, and plate the meal. But if you’re not that interested in cooking, the Golden Pig also offers wine and beer workshops, and stocks up on Asian ingredients to recreate your favorites at home.

For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.


The Golden Pig Cooking School is one of five cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.


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