VIVE Cooking School - NSW

VIVE Cooking School - NSW

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About the School

Established in 2016, VIVE Cooking School aims to develop a generation of confident food enthusiasts. With the philosophy that anyone can cook an excellent meal, the school aims to encourage everyone’s culinary curiosity through a holistic appreciation for food and to use cooking as a means of nourishing meaningful connections with family and friends. 

Located in Rosebery, VIVE takes pride in its team of international cooks and pastry chefs who guide students step-by-step through its hands-on, family-style cooking classes. The school also forges partnerships with fellow local businesses for artisanal quality ingredients such as olive oils, free-range eggs, and fresh seafood.


About the Owner 

VIVE Cooking School is the brainchild of Jean-Luc Tan, a French-Cambodian immigrant who moved to France in the year 1975. Growing up, family dinners were deemed sacred in the Tan household, thanks to Jean-Luc’s parents who made it a point to continuously provide good food and set time for dinner together despite their long work hours. 


It is this same spirit of familial love and dedication that Tan pours into his business as a tribute to his parents. Through VIVE, Tan also hopes to cultivate a sense of family, as well as a greater appreciation for food by bringing the artisans responsible for them closer to home. 


School Specialties 

VIVE’s extensive roster of international cooking classes is sorted per cuisine, leaning more towards an Asian palette. It features special classes on vegan dishes to cater to this growing segment and goes back to its French roots through classes focused exclusively on desserts. 

For home chefs looking to wow their guests, some cooking sessions are made specific to particularly challenging dishes - from authentic Japanese Ramen to Singapore Chili Mud Crab. These sessions are offered in small batches via signups or through private event bookings for kids and adults alike. 

For more information, or to book a class, check out their official website.



VIVE Cooking School is one of five cooking schools Koi Knives has partnered with throughout Australia. We are proud to showcase our knives in their classes and demonstrations.

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