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Japan, 1603 – 1868 during the Edo period in Sakai.


Blade Length

150mm – 330mm 



Deba is the ideal Japanese knife for filleting fish and light mincing. Its single beveled edge and thick spine are designed for handling the whole fileting process. Expect precise and strong cuts from cutting through the bones down to slicing the fish.

This Japanese knife has 3 primary purposes. Its heel can cut small bones, the center of the edge is perfect for slicing ingredients, and its tip is ideal for boning.

Deba is excellently designed with a perfect blade width. The blade is aligned well with the handle, giving comfort whenever you hold the knife. It provides the user’s finger freedom, avoiding contact with the cutting board.


Tips When Using the ‘Deba’

Choose a Deba knife with a length best suited to your hands. The back of Deba’s edge helps chop thin bones. However, avoid using Deba in cutting hard bones to prevent damaging the blade.

For proper maintenance, handwash the Deba with delicate soap and water. Also, avoid blade damage by storing it using a wooden block or a magnetic strip. In sharpening, a whetstone is highly recommended.  




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