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Japan, Kansai during the Edo Period 1603 – 1868


Blade Length 

210mm – 360mm



Yanagiba is a willow-leaf-shaped blade used in slicing fish fillets, primarily served in Sashimi and Sushi dishes. Its narrow blade and acute-angled edge reduce the required effort in cutting through ingredients. Yanagiba is a Japanese knife with minimal cell damage, ideal for serving raw fish. Its blade is crafted using the techniques of Japanese sword making, composed of soft iron and high carbon steel.

It is the iconic Japanese knife that is specialized in sushi preparations. Yanagiba comes with a sleek edge and a pointy tip. It’s popularly known as the ultimate sushi knife, making it the dream kitchen tool of every sushi Chef.


Tips When Using the ‘Yanagiba’

Yanagiba is ideal for slicing fish or ham using a pull and cut stroke method. The perfect blade width is 210mm – 360mm, but it should depend on the chef’s preference. A smaller blade can help you quickly maneuver the knife and avoid zigzag cutting.

In preparing sushi, you need a crisp and precise one-time cut using Yanagiba. Make a fluid motion with the blade facing down as you hold the handle.

A Yanagiba knife is easy to maintain with proper cleaning and sharpening using a whetstone. Avoid cleaning it using a dishwasher to prevent blade damage or corrosion.



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