11 Must-Have Koi Knives for Every Kitchen

11 Must-Have Koi Knives for Every Kitchen

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Embarking on a kitchen expedition demands more than just a dash of creativity; it requires the right set of tools. Koi Knives offers a remarkable collection of blades, each designed with precision and purpose. This article delves into the must-have Koi knives for every kitchen, unveiling their unique roles and functionalities.


From the versatile Petty Knife to the specialised Pankiri, we'll guide you through the essentials, helping you make informed choices in equipping your culinary world.

1.   Petty Knife (Small Allrounder)

The Petty knife, a valuable addition to the Koi collection, is tailored for intricate culinary tasks. Made from AUS10 Japanese steel, the blade measures 150mm, providing a delicate yet robust tool for precision work. Its thin profile, at 1.8mm, ensures agility while maintaining strength. With a native Australian wood handle, each Petty knife is unique in appearance. Its 120g weight offers precise control, making it ideal for slicing fruits, precise cuts, and delicate kitchen work.

The Petty knife is a testament to Koi's commitment to culinary excellence, allowing you to handle intricate tasks with ease. Please note that each handle's appearance may vary, making each Petty knife distinct.

2.   Santoku or Gyuto (Allrounders)

Santoku Knife:

The Santoku is a versatile kitchen knife with a blade length of 185mm (7.28"), made from high carbon AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel. Its name, "Santoku," translates to "Three Virtues" in Japanese, signifying its ability to cut, slice, and chop with ease. This knife is perfect for those seeking their first quality kitchen tool. It's a true all-rounder, whether you're cutting pumpkin, chopping herbs, or slicing meats.

The handle, crafted from Australian hardwood, offers comfort and control. This Santoku effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetics.

Gyuto Knife:

The Gyuto, with its 210mm (8.26") blade, is an all-purpose powerhouse. Crafted from high carbon AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, this knife excels at chopping and slicing. Its Australian hardwood handle is unique in appearance, adding an artistic touch to its functionality.

The Gyuto is the Japanese equivalent of a chef's knife and excels in various kitchen tasks. Each handle is handpicked from trees in the McLaren Vale region, stabilized with resin, and combined with the blade. The Damascus steel, sourced from Aichi, Japan, ensures a razor-sharp edge for precision chopping and slicing.


  • Santoku: Blade Length: 185mm, Overall Length: 340mm, Blade Thickness: 1.6mm, Weight: 160g, HRC: 58-60.
  • Gyuto: Blade Length: 210mm, Overall Length: 360mm, Blade Thickness: 2.8mm, Weight: 205g, HRC: 58-60.

Both knives offer exceptional performance and are beautifully handcrafted for professional and enthusiast chefs alike.

3.   Sujihiki (Carving Knife)

The Koi Sujihiki is a culinary masterpiece, boasting a robust high-carbon Japanese AUS10 steel blade sourced from Aichi. With a sleek 260mm blade, it excels in slicing tasks, whether meat or fish. This knife's outstanding feature is its ability to complete the final stroke of a dish with unparalleled precision, akin to a violin bow's smooth glide. This reduces damage and ensures a flawless finish.

 The Sujihiki's double-edged design enhances its versatility and ease of use, rendering it the go-to choice for those who seek culinary perfection. Whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, this knife elevates your culinary finesse.

4.   Bunka (Heavy Duty All Rounder)

Our Bunka knife, crafted from high carbon AUS10 Japanese steel with a local Australian wood handle, embodies both form and function. With a blade length of 185mm, it's a versatile workhorse that excels in the kitchen. The AUS10 67-layer Damascus steel ensures strength and longevity.

The hammered blade side reduces stickiness when cutting starchy vegetables, making it perfect for various food preparations. Its substantial weight offers added cutting power. In your culinary toolkit, the Bunka knife stands as a robust, versatile companion that can master a multitude of tasks with ease, whether you're a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook.

5.   Nakiri (Vegetable Chopper)

The 'Nakiri' knife, a master of vegetable preparation, is a vital tool in your culinary arsenal. Crafted from high-carbon Japanese steel, each handle is unique, ensuring a one-of-a-kind touch. With a blade length of 175mm, a slim 1.8mm blade thickness, and a weight of 180g, the Nakiri is engineered for swift and precise vegetable prep. The name says it all: "Na" for "Vegetable" and "Kiri" for "to cut."

The Nakiri excels in the art of vegetable chopping, thanks to its slim, flat-edged blade, perfect for swift and precise vegetable prep. Koi Knives takes pride in the fusion of local wood and resin handles that complement the blade. The green resin, a nod to the vibrant world of vegetables, is poured to honor the Nakiri's dedication to perfecting the art of vegetable cutting. Elevate your culinary experience with the Nakiri, the vegetable whisperer.

6.   Paring Knife (Intricate Tasks)

The Paring Knife, a crucial tool for intricate culinary tasks, offers precision and versatility. Crafted by Koi Knives from high-carbon AUS10 67-layer Damascus Japanese steel, this knife combines toughness and nimbleness for delicate food preparation, such as trimming, peeling, and intricate garnish work. Its slim, sharp blade ensures meticulous results, making it ideal for hulling strawberries, deveining shrimp, or creating decorative vegetable carvings.

The fusion of local wood and resin in the handle adds a unique touch, exemplifying the fusion of function and artistry in Koi Knives' craftsmanship. Whether you're a professional chef or an aspiring home cook, the Paring Knife is your trusted companion for fine, detailed work in the kitchen.

7.   Honesuki (Boning Knife)

The Honesuki, a Japanese boning knife, is a precision instrument in the culinary world. Made from durable Japanese steel, it retains its razor-sharp edge for extended periods, excelling in poultry, seafood, and the intricate task of removing sinew and silver skin from larger cuts of red meat.

Its unique angular profile allows it to moonlight as a petty knife, ideal for mincing small ingredients. Compact and sharp, the Honesuki is an indispensable tool, providing versatility and precision in the kitchen.

8.   Mini Bunka (Heavy Duty Small Allrounder)

The Mini Bunka knife is a remarkable fusion of tradition and modernism, embodying both style and utility. Originating from the full-sized Bunka Bocho, it showcases a rich heritage that defied traditional culinary norms during the Meiji Restoration in Japan. This knife excels in a myriad of culinary tasks, from handling meats and vegetables to intricate tasks like coring and deboning.

Its unique blend of aesthetics and functionality makes it a fantastic choice, offering precision and an extra touch of exquisiteness to your culinary experience. A captivating addition to any kitchen, the Mini Bunka is all about fun, functionality, and weighty confidence.

9.   Pankiri (Bread Knife)

The Pankiri, a Japanese bread knife, is a testament to precision and functionality. Its finely honed serrations, "reverse tanto" tip, and extended blade length make it the ideal tool for slicing bread. These features allow it to effortlessly pierce tough crusts while the serrations ensure exceptional sharpness and precise cutting.

With a blade length of 243mm (9.56"), overall length of 393mm (15.47"), and a weight of 210g (7.40oz), the Pankiri is designed for long cuts and fine pastries. This knife, with an HRC of 60, is a must-have for every kitchen, combining style and substance in the art of bread slicing.

10.  Kiritsuke (Large Chef's Knife)

The Kiritsuke knife, often known as the kitchen's commanding all-rounder, combines elegance and efficiency. Serving as a versatile alternative to both the traditional Chef's knife and carver, it features a flatter profile and added heft through the spine for impeccable slicing and chopping.

The Kiritsuke's curved tip provides extra leverage, making it adept at handling substantial ingredients. With a 230mm blade length, 3mm thickness, and 60 HRC, it harmoniously blends precision, durability, and edge retention. A perfect choice for professional chefs and home cooks alike, Kiritsuke's blend of style and function makes it indispensable in the kitchen.

11.     Chopper: (A Versatile Heavy-Duty Tool)

The Chopper from Koi's collection is a heavy-duty powerhouse designed for tackling extensive chopping tasks. Boasting a well-balanced, ergonomic design with a thick spine and a tall blade, it offers excellent control and precision. This knife's seamless performance allows for effortless vegetable and ingredient preparation, making it a versatile choice for both professional chefs and home cooks. 

With specifications that include a blade length of 180mm, an overall length of 330mm, a 3.5mm blade thickness, a weight of 261g, and an HRC of 60, the Chopper is a reliable companion in the kitchen, ensuring that even the most demanding chopping tasks are handled with ease.


The 11 essential Koi knives are indispensable tools for any kitchen, both for chefs and passionate home cooks. Their precision, versatility, and exceptional craftsmanship elevate your culinary experience. These knives offer a blend of tradition and innovation, allowing you to excel in various kitchen tasks.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your culinary journey. Explore the Japanese half tang page of our website to discover these extraordinary knives.

Elevate your cooking skills and experience the true artistry of Japanese cutlery.


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